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‘INCO’ is one of the most experienced independent IP Rights Protection agencies in Russia. Founded in 2006 by Ekaterina Shekhtman, IP Attorney, 'INCO' rapidly grew into one of the biggest companies operating in the Urals, Siberia and Far East.

Our headquarters are in Russia’s third biggest city of Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, where we do the largest part of our work. 

All 'INCO' specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of  patent prosecution in Russia. We work both with business owners and in-house legal departments, when formulating  the best strategy for your company. 

How we work:

1) Our priority is building the most effective intellectual property strategy, tailored to your company's needs. We always start by understanding your aims, and helping to maximise the success of your products and services. At 'INCO', we strongly believe that IP Protection must be commercially relevant, driving profit.

2)  We give our clients the most efficient service, making sure you have every document needed for your application. We pay the duty for you and make sure that your documents are viewed on time.

3) 'INCO' offers full service transparency. We pride ourselves in explaining to you every step of the project, making clear the advantages and potential consequences of every decision we make.

'INCO' can provide you with a global strategy to secure and control the use of your intellectual property rights, as well as with Intellectual Property Audits.

Our experts can work through a global network to ensure that your rights are protected not only in Russia, but in any country worldwide where you have a major presence.

We have a strong and growing portfolio of successful registration of complicated trademarks and inventions. Our team is experienced in protecting our clients' before the Russian Chamber Of Patent Disputes, as well as in the Courts and before the Anti-monopoly authorities. Our clients include individual inventors, start-up companies, established businesses and multi-nationals with global product ranges.

Ekaterina Shekhtman
Managing Partner, Trademark and Patent Attorney
Valeriya Degtyareva
Trademark Attorney
Anfisa Kokorina
Leading lawyer
Roman Belikov
Leading patent specialist
Irina Krylova
Assistant of a patent attorney